Wheatgrass Powder

Easy Ways to Take Wheatgrass Powder

There is no denying the health benefits of wheatgrass powder!  It is a powerful antioxidant, offers protection against cancer, and fights free radicals and toxins.  However, while you know why wheatgrass powder is good for you, you might not be completely clear on how to take it.

In this article, we look at simple, quick, and easy ways that you can take wheatgrass powder every day.

In Your Breakfast

Taking wheatgrass powder at breakfast time could not be simpler.  Try mixing it into your morning juice, or adding some to yogurt and fruit for a healthy breakfast smoothie.

You can also sprinkle it over cereal before topping with yogurt and fruit, or even adding it to a breakfast sandwich.  In fact, there are endless ways you can add wheatgrass powder to your breakfast, and those of your family, and it is the perfect time of day to get your daily dose!

In Your Lunch

If you do not have time in the mornings, then why not keep your wheatgrass powder on your desk at work?  It is quick and easy to add to lunches, whether it is stirring the powder into a cup of instant soup, sprinkling it over take out, or adding it to your homemade lunch.

Make sure that you also keep a stock of wheatgrass powder at home, so that you can add it to your weekend lunches too.

In Your Dinner

If you want your whole family to get the benefits of wheatgrass powder, then dinnertime is probably the best time to make that happen.  Since wheatgrass offers significant health benefits for everyone, that is not such a bad idea!

If you are making something with a dressing, then stirring a little wheatgrass powder into the dressing is a great way to get your family to take their daily dose, without even being aware of it!  You could also try adding it to omelette fillings, or sprinkling it on home made pizzas before baking.

Try adding your daily dose to soups and stews just before serving, or sprinkle it onto take out meals before you serve them.  You could even stir wheatgrass powder into desserts, to tempt even the fussiest members of your family.

In Your Beverages

If you find it hard to remember to include your daily dose of wheatgrass powder in your food, then why not mix up a batch of fruit juice, and add wheatgrass powder to it?  Decant it into bottles, and take them with you when you leave the house. Not only will you get the benefits of wheatgrass in your juice, but you will also save by not having to buy drinks when you are out!

Why It’s worth It

If you take wheatgrass powder every day, you get all the health giving properties of wheatgrass, including the high chlorophyll content, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the cancer fighting properties and more.

Using wheatgrass powder is definitely a good idea, and if you can find easy and creative ways, like the ones suggested in this article, to incorporate it into your day, then you can have all the benefits, with literally seconds of effort.  Considering how many other things we have to worry about in our busy lives, that is a good thing!

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